LibKey Nomad for IT Professionals

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What is LibKey Nomad?

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that connects users from article and book chapter citations found on scholarly webpages to the full text article.  LibKey Nomad accelerates workflow, helps users avoid unnecessary paywalls, and seamlessly integrates into browsers.  LibKey Nomad is available via an annual fee paid by the subscribing institution and may be used by anyone authorized by the institution to access library resources.

What browsers does LibKey Nomad support?

LibKey Nomad supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Vivaldi.

How does an individual install Nomad?

An individual may use LibKey Nomad by going to appropriate extension store, searching for "LibKey Nomad," then installing the extension.  Or, simply go to Installation and setup is quick and easy.  Simply download and install the extension, choose your supported institution, and start browsing!

Can IT departments deploy LibKey Nomad across networked computers using Microsoft Group Policy?

Yes! This is the recommended deployment method and leading hospitals, universities, companies, and government agencies have used group policy to install LibKey Nomad across hundreds of thousands of their computers.  Read about the experiences Ochsner Health and Chesterfield Royal Hospital had deploying LibKey Nomad and the results they saw at their institutions. 
Instructions to deploy LibKey Nomad using Group Policy are available here:

Can IT departments deploy LibKey Nomad to devices using Microsoft InTune?

Yes! Instructions to deploy LibKey Nomad via Microsoft InTune are available here:

Can IT departments deploy LibKey Nomad to Mac devices and computers using JAMF?

Yes! Instructions to deploy LibKey Nomad via Jamf are available here:

How is security and privacy ensured?

LibKey Nomad meets contemporary privacy and security standards.  Key elements of LibKey Nomad security are:
  • No user accounts are needed, users never provide personal information
  • LibKey Nomad does not cache user credentials for the SSO, proxy server, or other services.  LibKey Nomad simply forward links, any authentication and access to subscribed resources is managed by the organization.
  • LibKey Nomad is active only on specific domains, such as supported publisher pages like and sites researchers frequently visit looking for scholarly and medical content, such as PubMed and Wikipedia.  When active on specific domains, LibKey Nomad runs scripts in the browser that look for unique article identifiers, such as DOIs and PMIDs, then sends the identifier information to our LibKey API service.  The API returns linking information to forward the user to the article of interest  LibKey is inactive on any other site.
  • LibKey Nomad is compliant with Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB), the web security platform feature that helps mitigate the threat of side-channel attacks.  As explained here, CORB is designed to "prevent the browser from delivering certain cross-origin network responses to a web page, when they might contain sensitive information and are not needed for existing web features."

I work in the IT Department at a hospital.  Does LibKey Nomad use, disclose, or access Protected Health Information?

No.  LibKey Nomad only interacts with limited domains, specifically those where a researcher may find references to scholarly articles such as PuMed.  No PHI is ever read, received, transmitted, stored, or disclosed by LibKey Nomad.

How does LibKey Nomad authenticate users?

LibKey Nomad integrates into the authentication system is used by the library, services such as Open Athens, EZProxy, VPN and others, to manage access to subscribed journal and ebook content.

If the user is detected to be within the organization's IP range, a LibKey Nomad provides a direct link to the journal article or ebook.  When the link is clicked on, the user is brought to the site of the publisher who will use the IP address to authenticate the user and display the article.

If the person using LibKey Nomad is outside the organization's IP range, then the link to the article is encoded to bring the users to the library's authentication system. Provided the user successfully authenticates through that system, the user will be directed to the publisher site who, recognizing the user as authenticated, will provide access to the article.

How are updates pushed out to Nomad end users?

Software updates are released through the extension stores.  Third Iron monitors release alerts from the browser providers to ensure visibility into the submission and release process.  No user action is needed to update the LibKey Nomad browser extension.

When I install the extension I'm informed by Google Chrome that the LibKey Nomad extension can "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit".  This sounds concerning.  What does this mean?

This notice refers to the fact that LIbKey Nomad can, on specified domains, alter the appearance of the website by inserting links that enable downloading of full text articles, add links to to BrowZine, and add journal cover images. On these specified domains, only data sent to the Third Iron server is the affiliated Library's LibKey ID, an API Key, a DOI and/or PMID, and the requesting IP. This IP is used only for standard web server log data and when determining authentication requirements.

Will LibKey Nomad conflict with other browser extensions or interfere with the browser?

No.  LibKey Nomad and all subsequent software updates are thoroughly tested on all supported browsers to avoid conflicts with other software and to ensure the extension works seamlessly within the browser.

What sort of support Iron does Third Iron provide?

Third Iron fully supports LibKey Nomad.  If there are any questions about LibKey Nomad before, during, or after the group installation process, Third Iron will provide timely and thorough support via email and phone, available at or 855-649-7607.

Where can I read more about the benefits of LibKey Nomad for researchers?

You can read our more general overview and FAQ on LibKey Nomad here.

What is your privacy policy?
Our privacy policy, governing all Third Iron products, is here.  LibKey Nomad and all Third Iron services are compliant with GDPR.

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Additional Questions or Concerns?

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