Nomad++ Chat Module Overview

Modified on Thu, 28 Dec 2023 at 08:58 AM

LibKey Nomad++ lets you integrate a chat service into LibKey Nomad to help your library meet users wherever they're researching! We currently offer integrations for LibAnswers' LibChat service and WhatsApp. Read on for more information on how to configure these services in the Third Iron Admin Portal.


When integrating a LibChat widget into LibKey Nomad++ please ensure you use the following widget options.

1. Choose the “in-page chat” widget type so the widget will be displayed plainly without any effects or buttons.

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 3.36.23 PM.png

2. Leave the width value at the default value of 100%. If you'd like to experiment with different height values LibKey Nomad++ will try to accommodate them and resize the chat window accordingly.

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 3.36.58 PM.png

3. Ensure the colors you’re using in your LibChat widget settings compliment the ones used in LibKey Nomad++’s Design Studio. LibKey Nomad++'s Design Studio settings control how the LibKey Nomad button looks but not the LibChat widget itself. The LibChat widget will still use the text and background colors defined in the LibAnswers admin portal.

If you have an existing chat widget you would like to reuse in LibKey Nomad++ it may be easier to copy the existing widget and change the specific settings needed for LibKey Nomad++. You can copy an existing widget in the Chat Widgets area of the LibAnswers admin portal:

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 10.21.31 AM.png

Once you have a widget setup with the correct settings we will need the widget's script URL. This is shown in the LibAnswers admin portal when you choose "View Widget Code":

Please save that URL in the space provided in the Third Iron Admin Portal to connect that widget to LibKey Nomad++.


To configure the Chat integration for WhatsApp all you need to enter is the contact phone number you would like requests to get directed to. Please ensure you save the phone number in full international format with country code and do not include any parentheses, dashes or other symbols.

Chat Module FAQs

How does LibKey Nomad++'s LibChat integration behave if our LibChat is currently unavailable?

LibKey Nomad++ uses the exact same LibChat widget settings you've configured in the LibAnswers admin portal. If you've configured special messaging or fallback options to display when no agent is available or it is outside your monitored hours those settings will carry over to what's shown in LibKey Nomad++.

Do you plan to add support for other chat services?

We are considering adding integrations for several additional chat services in 2024. If there's a specific service you're interested in seeing in LibKey Nomad++ please feel free to contact our support team to let them know.