LibKey Link in Google Scholar

Modified on Fri, 30 Sep 2022 at 01:17 AM

Google Scholar’s integration is performed by your link resolver vendor.  Here are instructions on how to update this in many popular systems.  Because Google Scholar refreshes itself only periodically, please allow 7-10 days for changes you make to be reflected in Google Scholar.

Additionally, please note that with any of the instructions below you are ONLY updating the linking mechanism from your current link resolver to LibKey Link.  The holdings data will continue to be published from your Link Resolver knowledge base to Google Scholar which is what determines for what articles links will appear.


Per these linked instructions, this is handled via a Publishing Profile.  A configurable element in this process is the “OpenURL base” which is where your LibKey Link will be placed.


Changing the base URL for Google Scholar is done via Ex Libris Customer service. Please follow the instructions on how to make this request via this SFX Support Article.  

360 Link

Follow the instructions in this guide to navigate to the registration form and provide your new LibKey Link base URL.


Email EBSCO customer support to request they update the URL used in Google Scholar for your institution.

TDNET / OVID Discovery

Contact TDNet Support for assistance to inquire about options to use LibKey Link in Google Scholar via their support page here.


Update the Base URL in the Google Scholar settings tab as shown in this guide.

OVID Link Solver

Email OVID Support for assistance in setting up your LibKey Link for use in Google Scholar at