VPN Support FAQ

Modified on Fri, 30 Sep 2022 at 10:29 AM

BrowZine and LibKey can work with VPNs within certain limitations:

BrowZine App for iOS & Android
VPN setup is done in the "Settings" section of your iOS or Android device and should be configured according to the instructions given at your institution.  Alternatively, BrowZine also works great with third-party VPN Apps such as Junos PulseCISCO AnyConnect and others.

BrowZine Web and LibKey
BrowZine.com and LibKey services work similar to other VPN authenticated resources used by your library.  Simply turn on the VPN before trying to access a service.  If you do not turn on VPN ahead of time BrowZine or LibKey will prompt you to do so based on the IP address of your browser.

Split Tunnel Vs. Full Tunnel VPN
Split Tunnel VPN systems need to be configured by your IT department to instead support "full tunnel" VPN so that any connections going through the VPN connection stay within the VPN.  

Our services are meant to provide access to resources from publisher websites which are looking at the inbound IP addresses to decide the entitlements to the user. Thus, if an incoming IP address is not recognized as part of your institution, that user will not be eligible to view the content.  For this reason, "full tunnel" VPN is the only compatible solution for BrowZine users.

Notifying Users about a VPN Requirement
As a VPN-enabled library, your BrowZine Library will be specifically configured to look for an active VPN connection when NOT within the registered IP range of your institution.  BrowZine will then prompt the user that VPN is required.  Further, Third Iron can configure your account to present a link to a website with instructions for users about how to setup VPN on their device, making roll-out of BrowZine seamless for the library and easy for the users to get themselves configured.

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