LibKey Link in EBSCOhost

Modified on Tue, 21 Nov, 2023 at 7:59 AM

Note: These instructions are separate from the LibKey Discovery integration for EDS. An overview of that integration can be found here.

LibKey Link is setup as a Custom Link within the EBSCOadmin platform, with options to customize how it appears in your EBSCO databases. In this integration, EBSCO will provide full text links to EBSCO-provided content. For full text content provided by other vendors, a LibKey Link will appear.

Please note that changes made with EBSCOadmin can take up to 24 hours to be visible. 

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at
  2. Click the Site/Group Maintenance link (upper right), then click Go below CustomLinks.
  3. Click on Add New CustomLink.
  4. Select Copy from existing CustomLink, then click on Continue.
  5. Select Full Text from the Category drop down list.
    1. Click on ++show other available CustomLinks.
    2. Select LibKey OpenURL link.
  6. All required fields have been filled in for you, however you will need to add your library's ID to the BaseURL field.
    1. Required: Add your LibKey institution ID (a numeric value) to the BaseURL in place of the text “[[LibKeyID]]” and click Submit.
  7. ***The following step is only for libraries using Full Text Finder from EBSCO as their link resolver. Libraries with other link resolvers (Alma, SerialsSolutions 360, TDNet, SFX, etc.) should proceed to Step 8.***
    1. The default behavior for LibKey Link is to appear on all results, including those not held by the library. This allows LibKey to retrieve results for Open Access journal articles that may not other wise be seen as available within the library's holdings. 
      1. If the library would like LibKey Link to appear only on results held by the library, switch the Show Link radio button to If Item is in Collection.
      2. Then, scroll through the options in the "Local Collections for Filter" until you find a link called Online holdings as defined in AtoZ ({Profile_Name}) - with that Profile Name being something unique to your library. If you are part of a consortia you may see multiple profiles listed, so choose the one appropriate for your local collection.
  8. You may also change the appearance of LibKey Link in your EBSCOhost databases by editing the following:
    1. Change LibKey Link Text from the default "Full Text via LibKey Link" to your previous link resolver's text link, or try one of the following suggestions. 
      1. "Check for full-text"
      2. "Full Text Options @ [Your Library]"
      3. Please note LibKey's default behavior is to appear on all results, even those not held by the library. 
    2. Use an icon/logo instead of link text. You can find the LibKey Link icon located here:

  9. Next, add the LibKey OpenURL Custom Link to your profile. Click the Customize Services Tab (upper left), select your profile and then click the Linking Sub-Tab.
  10. Click the Modify link to the right of CustomLinks.
  11. Click Add New CustomLink and check the Select box to the left of the LibKey OpenURL Link.
  12. Click Submit. Your changes are saved.
  13. Back on the CustomLinks screen, remove your existing link resolver by clicking on the “X” in the remove column with your link resolver listed. Remember, LibKey will automatically direct to your link resolver if it cannot provide a full text link for a result. 
  14. Repeat steps 9-13 for any other profiles to which you want to add your CustomLink.
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